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Aptera Motors (formerly Accelerated Composites) is an American startup company based in San Diego, California set up to manufacture high-efficiency road vehicles. The original company, Aptera Motors, Inc., was founded in 2005 and liquidated in 2011.

Aptera Motors has extensive obstacles, they had to refund deposits of potential buyers due to delayed production and financial issues, according to an article published by auto-types.com

"Aptera Motors closed after running out of money. Indeed, the company’s road seemed to be marked with extensive obstacles and delays. The last in that line was in August when Aptera had to refund the deposits of possible 2e buyers. This had to be done because a 6-month window during which production should have started passed."


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Software Developer says

"The bad part is that these developers are not listened to. Very little requirements gathering is done. No real business analysis is done. No architecting is done. Since no up-front planning is done, projects frequently run over time. Instead of correcting the issue, they crack down on developers and expect them to work after hours without compensation. From an employee perspective, no information is given on policy changes. No information is provided on work expectations until after something happens. The environment is very clickish. If you aren't "in" with the department head, then you are ostracized and dismissed."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"They boasting of hiring lots of new people and being a fast growing company. Think why? Because they loosing a lot of people too. They are not interested in retaining employees. While they think you are a bright employee, they'll use you. Once they don't need you they will terminate you quickly and without hesitation. Very aggressive management and mediocre office environment."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Average salary, few perks, sales people seemed to be disconnected from the developers. Management does not seem to care about problems or concerns you might have. Some senior developers are not very approachable."